"Which tunes go together?" 3-year-old Haydé was thinking as she sat at the piano.
It was all about being curious and that's how the first song was born. Songs have been born ever since.
The road has taken this Finnish artist from piano lessons to Helsinki to study music as a profession and all the way to becoming a singer, but songwriting has been very natural in her musical journey.
Today, Haydé writes, composes and arranges.

In 2019, we saw the release of Haydé’s first album "Traveling" in collaboration with George Levantovsky, Johannes Österlund and Dennis Millner and a real string orchestra to play on this record.
The album release concert with the entire orchestra was held on January 15, 2020 in the Kapsäkki Theater Restaurant in Helsinki. 

In addition to making her own art pop, she loves to sing folk-punk and old jazz with her two other orchestras: Wisla and Jazzarella.
In the summer of 2019, Haydé performed at an alternative festival called Slot Art in Poland.
A few years ago, the respected Finnish artist Jippu said to Haydé: "You will have a long career”.

Currently Haydé is preparing the next album together with producer Dennis Millner.
There will still be a cinematic landscape with symphony orchestra sounds, but this time the tone is more modern and features some electronic elements.
New music coming in 2023!

"One by one, the attention is drawn to that theme, those strings, the shrill vocals on top of everything, between and next to it, and of course the horns. Wow, wonderful, charming, free and at the same time so confusing that you want to run out of adjectives."
Mika Roth, review of the single "No room for me" 4th October 2019 

"Haydé goes on quite a musical journey with this debut album, which, despite its courage, artistry and surprise, is also light and easy to chew in a good way. And to create such, is effortlessness in such monumental pop is already a miracle in itself, so I can only recommend getting to know Traveling."
Mika Roth, review of the album "Traveling" 31st December 2019 




Jani Laukkanen / Photograph of Haydé
Petra Osola, Petra Illustrations / Design of green ball

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