Haydé was born in a family where music and writing songs have always been a natural part of life. When she was only 1-year-old baby girl her mother took her to the stage in her armpit when her parents were performing together. At the age of 3 she made her first solo piece on piano and listened to Amy Grant's album "Age to Age” a lot. Haydé was able to record her own little songs on cassettes while her mother was cooking in the kitchen. Mother pressed the rec button and Haydé sang songs with a glockenspiel. The topics were, for example, sausage. 

Haydé has always wanted to make music and be faithful to her own vision. At the age of 6, she acquired a piano teacher from her neighborhood. Many beautiful classical piano pieces opened the channels of ceativity. Often Haydé made her own variations or composed entirely new ones. At the age of 10, she had a band with her best friend and they played some gigs. 

As a teenager, Haydé seriously decided in front of the mirror that she would become an artist. The road has not been fast and uncomplicated, but she has kept that promise to herself. Haydé attended the Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki at the age of 19. Haydé admired and listened to singer-songwriters like Norah Jones, Carole King, Regina Spektor and Alicia Keys. Various bands were born and Haydé gained experience what it is to be a musician. She traveled to France, Germany, England and Russia to compose and perform in various projects. Haydé's first priority was to strenghten her own voice and understand the layers of music throughout her studies so she could arrange her own songs in the future just as she heard them and felt them.

At last the time was right and her dream came true. She allowed herself to go with the flow and the result was exactly what she had dreamed of. Haydé is enormously happy and grateful. Now in 2019 the debut album is ready.