6.3.2019 | blog

"Either you do your own thing or not"

It has been there for over a week now! I released the first single on 21.2. I couldn't find a publisher for my debut album (at least not yet) but I decided to start my way independently. The Finnish record label Texicalli is my digital distributor. Thank you Martti Heikkinen! Now you can find ”Traveling” from Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer etc. I also released a music video on YouTube. It was filmed in Helsinki, in the landscape of Tuomarinkylä Manor. Thanks to them that we got the chance to be there and shoot the video!

24.3.2018 | blog

Wondering and pondering

Here I sit at home and the dog sleeps next to me. The dog’s name is Bella and soon we go out together before the night. I should eat something too. I just wrote on these websites a biography text and my stomach is sore because I'm so excited about the future. The album is already done; even the covers of it. This has been a long long journey! All these years I’ve worked for it. My dream. To make it come true.