Haydé - Traveling debut album

Haydé is a singer, composer, arranger and songwriter. The "Traveling" album includes 14 tracks, from the mood of classical music to the world of elecronical music and back. The dynamics are really wide. Haydé's music is well nuanced and also good-humored; playfulness is an important part of her expression in both lyrics and arrangements. Life-like lyrics mostly tell about melancholy, thirst for life, searching for oneself, longing for love, leaving home and finding home. 

String Orchestra is the most important element on the album after the vocals. Haydé didn't want to use the sound of any guitars. It was a choice she made in the very beginning when she was planning the soundscape of the album. Haydé wanted to color her own sound with strings, piano, french horn, flugelhorn and trumpet. She created electronic elements such as beats and different synthesizers in co-operation with Dennis Millner. Percussions and acoustic drums support the whole and the double bass is a strong organic force through the album. Johannes Österlund has made four arrangements on the album and he is also the orchestra conductor.

The album has been recorded and mixed by Jori Levantovskij. 
The album is mastered by Henkka Niemistö / Chartmakers Oy.


Tuuli Malve 
Lotta Ahlbeck 
Pinja Lintonen 
Tina Nikku 
Sini Laine 
Kaija Mäki-Leppilampi 
Tuuli Kainulainen 
Anna Kiiski 

Maria Wilkus
Antti Kolehmainen

French horn
Miriam Brown 

Trumpet & flugelhorn
Tomi Nikku 

Eero Aakala
Heidi Tuikkanen 

Double bass
Joonas Tuuri 

Juhana Kiiski 

Juhana Kiiski
Timo Tuikkanen 

Backing vocals 
Laura Tuikkanen 
Joska Josafat 
Johannes Österlund