Wondering and pondering

     24.3.2018 | blog
Here I sit at home and the dog sleeps next to me. The dog’s name is Bella and soon we go out together before the night. I should eat something too. I just wrote on these websites a biography text and my stomach is sore because I'm so excited about the future. The album is already done; even the covers of it. This has been a long long journey! All these years I’ve worked for it. My dream. To make it come true. 

I have learned A LOT. I even have plans already for the second album and I can take advantage of everything I learned in this process with my first album. 

It has been incredibly wonderful that I have had the opportunity to implement my own vision. It’s a privilege in this world. 

Actually I'm a crazy little diary writer. I can’t wait for what this blog will hold in the future… 

You people have followed my music stuff in some form (who knows how long!) and the debut is expected. But I’d say that every path and bend may have had been necessary. And I'm no longer afraid of the passage of time. 

I admire grannys. 

With thanks and appreciation,